membership stages
"COLORS"  (Patches)  and their meaning


The International Patch is issued to all Associate and International members of LAMA. (Its cost is $20 a year and covers your international dues.)  A rocker (not shown) is added for each subsequent year of membership (at no charge)
Stage One
  International     Patch 
Stage Two
The LAMA   rockers are add to the "P" patch to create the Probate set. (cost of Rockers is $25 one time fee) Prospect members who are voted to Probate status must wear this set of patches for a total of 3 months.


The Prospect patch, AKA "P" patch, is issued to any International member who is pursuing full membership to a National or International chapter (its cost is a  $20 one time fee) All prospect members must wear the "P" patch for a total three months.
"P" Patch
Stage Three
Full Colors are
awarded to Probate members who successfully complete the 6 month probation period. Full Colors are always awarded in a ceremonial fashion. (Center Wings $25 one time fee)

     Full COLORS

To sum it fill out the application and submit a check for $40 made out to the Latin American Motorcycle Association  to the chapter president. (that $40 covers the cost of your first years international dues and the  the first 2 patches. your international dues then drop down to $20 a year after that) after completion of a 3 month period of being a member in good standing a vote is taken if your successful you then move from being a prospect member to a probate member (you then receive your Latin American Motorcycle Association ROCKERS" for $25 and place them as shown above and below the "P" patch) after another 3 month period another vote is taken, if you are found to be a member in good standing CONGRATULATIONS!! you then become a "FULL  MEMBER" ( you receive your center Wings for $25) and replace your "P" patch with your have earned them!!


Although you receive these patches after fee payments we want you to know that the end result is always decided on by a vote, and the patches logos/insignias are the sole property of LAMA international and are copyrighted and trademarked, you DO NOT buy your way into our association, and they MUST be returned if you quit, are *voted out of the association, or *are asked to surrender them by the president while you are a Prospect or Probate you are merely covering the cost of your membership and being allowed the HONOR of wearing the patches as you move along in seniority and ranking. IT IS NOT TO BE CONFUSED, L.A.M.A. DOES NOT GIVE AWAY OR SELL ITS COLORS...THE RIGHT TO HAVE THEM MUST BE EARNED!!! IN THIS FASHION WE ASSURE ONLY THE HIGHEST QUALITY OF MEMBERSHIP FOR OUR CHAPTERS AND WE ASSURE THE INTEGRITY OF THE BROTHERHOOD!


United We Ride...United We Stand

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