Submitted by: "Tuscadero"

Date of Ride: April 25th, 2009

It's 3:00 am on Sunday, April 26, the morning after the ride to Leesburg's Annual Bike Festival.  I am too excited about the days events to even consider sleep for now.

Today is the day that will be remembered as the day that LAMA Sarasota, gained a huge amount of respect.  Gained is the key word here. 

LAMA Sarasota is well respected by other Chapters due to the work and dedication of it's two founding members' Maurice "Mo'Money" Pedraza (President) and Eddie "El Indio" Alcaraz (Vice President), who for about a year have worked real hard to grow the chapter to where it is today.

However, the respect that LAMA Sarasota gained today is due in large part to the perserverence of one man and one woman; Frankie and Carmen Camacho.  There were a number of events and happenings along the way to Leesburg this morning but the day finished as one of the most memorable days in my life (and I've been around long enough to have quite a few of those).

A concerted effort was put forth by all members present, but I still have to say it was Frankie and Carmen, who took it to a whole higher level.   It is not unusual to have a good day where things go well,  people show up, we leave and return from an event safely, but who really cherishes those days?

How about a day where it starts a little rough, turns worse within the first 30 minutes and then is borderline tragic before we've even put in 30 miles?  Anyone who wasn't there for the Leesburg ride or planned to go and changed their mind for some reason missed a major event.  Yes, Leesburg is awesome,  yes others have been there "blah blah times" and did "blah blah blah", but it's rare to have witnessed an example of dedication and true grit as we saw today from Frankie and Carmen.

It was so impressive that LAMA Brandon's Chapter was awestruck.  Ricky, The President of LAMA Brandon, welcomed Frankie and Carmen, Sarasota's newest Prospects, and congratulated them for making it to the event. Frankie had been having an electrical and fuel filter issue and was unsure if he was going to make it after all. Frankie's sharp mechanical abillities were able to see him through and he was able to identify the problem and fix it "on the fly" and in true LAMA Spirit, he was able to make the trip after all.
One of the LAMA Brandon members alerted his President and said "The two new members from LAMA Sarasota just pulled up.  Wow, the two that looked like they weren't going to make it up here."  This man got up and said "Oh man, I got to meet these people and shake their hand."  It was a tremendous honor, but one that was well deserved.

There is a difference between what people "want to be" and "seem to be" than who they really are.  It's easy to talk about "believing" in what is right or good and a whole different story to live your life by acting upon what is right or good.  Frankie and Carmen are testimony to this and I am priveledged to have witnessed  these two in action today.

They are determined.  They are dedicated.  They put great effort in keeping to their word.  They are just what LAMA Sarasota strives for in a member.  They are a passionate about riding, passionate about life, and passionate about having a good time with their fellow LAMA Brothers and Sisters. LAMA Sarasota welcomes Frankie and Carmen.

Are you experienced? We Challenge you to attend our next ride.

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