Three Top Questions Answered:


Q:  If I don't have a Harley can I still join?

A:  Yes, all we ask is that your bike and yourself be totally legal, and that you have a current motorcycle endorsement, and that your bike be at minimum 650cc's or larger. All makes and models are more than welcome to join L.A.M.A.

Q: If I am not Latin American can i still join?

A: Yes, we do not discriminate against anyone. All we ask is that you be of good moral and civil standing and that you believe in the "family values" that L.A.M.A. holds so dear to its core. We are a great cross section of society and have many different ethnic groups among our ranks. Our membership spans the entire American Work Force as we have Lawyers, Electricians, Mechanics, and Factory workers all hand in hand uniting the Motorcycle Community. Anyone with a good disposition and respect for the ideals of L.A.M.A. are welcome.

Q: Is this a gang?

A: NO! L.A.M.A. is an Association. We are avid riders that welcome families into our fold. It is not uncommon to see entire families involved in L.A.M.A. events and children are the norm at our functions.


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