Date of Ride: May 2, 2009

Submitted by: "Tuscadero"

AMVET Post 312 Annual Pig Roast & Poker Run.

You may get tired of me always saying "the weather was perfect" but I'll never get tired of writing it!  Motorcycles, cool breeze, warm sun, motorcyles, good people with common interests and... did I mention motorcycles?

Good turn out, AMVETS seemed pleased, someone mentioned it was their first poker run and the number of participants was just right for the places we stopped.  Too many more & we might have over run the place!

This was my first "poker run", so I wasn't sure what to expect...

First stop was "Bandito's" on Hwy 776 heading from Placida towards Englewood.  A nice rustic place with a great "local" feel, pool tables, friendly staff and plenty of parking.  (Riders tip: Get there early for a nice spot under the huge oak tree.)  I started developing my drawing technique and drew a 10 of Hearts. Not bad.

Next was "Chubby'z" on Hwy 41 in Port Charlotte.  Met some more folks, talked about....what else? Motorcycles (and other things, but it is a great common interest and a great conversation starter).  Perfected my drawing technique by just putting my head on the pile of cards and using whatever stuck on my forehead.  Someone got everyone laughing by saying "That's using your head!"  Drew a 10 of Spades.   Hmmm....a pair, maybe, just maybe...

On to  "Looney Bin" a little north on US 41 heading towards Murdock.  Good thing I hooked up the the AMVET riders, I would have missed the place.  It's in a group of buildings dedicated to automotive repairs, like a "one stop shop" only there was more than one of 'em.  It was mentioned that I was obviously not a "local" if I didn't know where the Looney Bin was.  I thought it was where crazy people hung out...well they didn't prove me wrong!  Had too much fun mingling and laughing at all the characters there, poker run participants and others who wandered in from the street.  Actually I don't think they just "wandered" in, I think they pick that place over the other available watering holes for the good times and great people.

Well, the technique failed me.  I think too many other people where watching and it messed up my mojo.  I was wondering why no one else had tried the technique... another odd thing was that I drew the exact same 8 of Spades that the guy before me did, even after shuffling the cards around.  Well, pair of 10's Ace high, not too shabby, but I really don't think it's gonna be enough.

Oops! Too much time spent hanging around and laughing!  Times getting close and we've got one more stop to make.

On to Ortiz Blvd in Warm Mineral Springs and "Post 2000" 

Well out of desperation I figure I need to do a little more, you know the "desperate times call for desperate measures" kind of "a little more".  So for this draw I slam my head on the stack and pick up more than one.  The dealer is not happy, but come to find out, those who know him say that's just his way and that he's really an okay guy.  Well two cards fall off face up on the table and I'm not sure what the dealer's gonna do, disqualify me or let me draw again.  After a couple tense moments someone from another table who had been watching my draws said "Why don't you just use the one stuck to your head?"  I must have slammed the table pretty hard, 'cuz I didn't even know it was there!  Guess what?  TEN OF CLUBS!  Whoa! three of a kind, that's got a chance!

Back to AMVETS Post 312 and turn in the sheet with only a couple minutes to spare.  Hang out in the club, cruise the vendor's tents, get some much needed refreshment and wait for the announcement....

Yeah, second place and a cash prize, not a bad day after all!

You've just got to get out there and ride. Really. I mean it.  Get out there and ride.  Well what are you waiting for?  Check out the next LAMA ride and show up.  Not that difficult considering the good time you are just about guaranteed to have!

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